The quicker response communication tool

No more monthly cell phone or push to talk bills! The durable, chemical resistant, Ascom 9d24 EX Protector handset seamlessly integrates personal alarm functions, voice communication and advanced messaging. ATEX and CSA approved, this handset is ideal for use in harsh, volatile environments.

The 9d24 EX Protector is extremely rugged – resisting water, dirt and damage from falls. The large back-lit graphic display accommodates up to 6x20 characters and is chemical resistant.

In addition to instant voice communication, the Protector handset enables rapid access to vital information from equipment, automation systems, alarm systems, internet and intranet. The 9d24 handset also offers no-movement and man-down alarms plus a loud-speaker for hands-free operation and vibration mode for silent call notification.

Personal Safety

If you find yourself in a vulnerable or threatening situation, you can quickly send an alarm signal and know that somebody has received it.

Production Stoppages

With an Ascom wireless recovery process the right person gets the right message immediately when a malfunction occurs.

Technical Alarms

For staff involved in facilities management a wireless communications system gives quicker response to alarms from indoor climate systems, lifts, doors, windows, lighting and other technical installations.

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