Ascom Wireless Phones 


On-site Wireless Communication for Quicker Response

Primary Systems specializes in implementing professional grade, on site VoWiFi and IP-DECT wireless products that improve work flow by increasing employees' mobility and connectivity. At the heart of our solutions are the innovative products from Ascom. Primary Systems is the 3rd largest dealer of Ascom Wireless phones in the country.

Ascom is a manufacturer of reliable in-building wireless telephone and messaging systems. Their total solution makes Ascom the only enterprise  mobile communication company to offer in-building wireless telephone systems and the middle ware to connect mobile devices to existing information systems. 

Primary Systems is proud to be one of limited Strategic Certified Solutions Partner for Ascom.






Industry Solutions

- Education

- Healthcare

 - Corrections

- Retail

- Industrial

- Hospitality

- Government

- Enterprise

Looking for the 9p23 Handset? We have it!

Ascom d62 DECT & i75VoWiFi
         handset simulator!

Ascom i75 & 9d24 Handset simulator!

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