Alton Memorial Hospital 


Alton Memorial Hospital is a proud leader in health services for the people of Alton, IL and the surrounding communities. For more than 65 years, the hospital's employees, physicians, volunteers and board of directors has worked to fulfill a mission of improving the health of the people and communities we serve. Today, our staff works harder than ever to bring high-quality, up-to-date medical services to the people of Alton and the River Bend area.

Alton Memorial Hospital has been delivering babies for more than 65 years. Their experienced team of nurses and physicians will give mother & baby personalized, expert care with a tender touch. An important part of this care is knowing that your baby is safe & secure.

Installation of the ELPAS Infant abduction System.
ELPAS is a comprehensive system for infant protection in maternity wards. Developed by Visonic Technologies, ElPas”s Local Positioning Systems, utilizes patented IRFID triple technology (IR, RF and RF low frequency – LF signals) to monitor an infant's whereabouts in real-time and notify of abduction, mismatch and swapping events. The no-fuss management of baby safety is activated as soon as the mother gives birth: both infant and mother are issued personalized tags that are pre-programmed to certify an identification match, and which provide real-time information on the infant's location. The special baby tags are worn around the ankle while the mother tags are worn on the wrist.

  • Constant Real-Time Baby Counting
  • Tamper Alerts
  • Mother / Baby Match Tests
  • Baby Missing Alerts
  • Automatic Unit / Elevator Lock Down