10 Reasons Nurses Love Ascom 


10 Reasons Nurses Love Ascom Wireless Handsets

#8-Nurse Wear-and-Tear: Nurses appreciate that the Ascom handset stands up to the rigors of everyday nurse wear-and-tear since it was specifically designed for healthcare environments. Not only is it rugged, but the handset can be easily cleaned with any common antimicrobial or sanitizing agent readily available in hospitals. Further, it features a large scratch-proof display making it easy to read the screen.


#7-Nurse Safety: Press the handset’s emergency button and help is on the way. Assaults on nurses are a reality in hospitals today, and the Ascom emergency button is a vital security tool.


#6-Nurse Training: Although simple to use, the handset comes with the added comfort of personalized training. The clinical training is provided by an experienced RN who helps the nurses make the most of the handset’s rich features in their work environment. This professional training reduces the learning curve and stress associated with new-tool introduction.


#5-Messaging Capabilities: Nurses love the text messaging feature. Text messaging is mostly done handset-to-handset. However, depending on the hospital set-up, text messages can also be sent from unit PCs to predefined groups of staff through their Ascom handsets. As well, the text messaging options can be expanded to connect to existing hospital systems e.g. nurse call, lab system, cardiac monitors, telemetry, code blue system.


#4-Any Nurse, Any Handset: Personal handset log-in numbers are assigned to each nurse so they are free to carry any available handset. The nurse can be in any department and receive appropriate calls and messages from inside the hospital as well as from callers outside the facility. This eliminates the need to fumble around for a specific handset and number at shift change.

#3-Seamless Patient Care: The Ascom handset can access paging systems, such as those used by doctors, and the MD can call back directly to the nurse that originated that call. This eliminates third party messages through unit secretaries and promotes streamlined communication between team members to provide seamless patient care.


#2-Patients are the Priority: When a patient presses the nurse-call button for help, the nurse is often busy elsewhere but can press the talk button on the Ascom handset and immediately respond to the patient. This instant and direct communication allows the nurse to sensibly provide for their patient’s needs. If the primary nurse is not available, the patient’s call can be escalated to back-up co-workers, to ensure that the patient gets the attention required and nothing gets missed.


#1-Nurses Know Best: Nurses can personalize their handset options to create a communication tool that best meets their needs. Nurses perform many roles, and the Ascom handset helps them multi-task efficiently. Primary Systems endorses the philosophy that end-user nurses know what works best for them, so the tool encourages personal flexibility.


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